Understanding Your Older Dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on October 31, 2015  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Isn’t it just great when we get those puppies and they start to grow up with us and become part of our families?  We create our set routines, take them on trips, visit our friends, watch TV, play with them, etc.?  Then, they get older and start to change.

We notice that we need to call Rex a few more times in the back yard for him to hear us and come back inside.  He doesn’t see as well and barks more and more at things he just can’t see and understand.  We notice that it is really hard for him to get up the stairs on the back porch and sometimes he comes around to the front door where there are less steps.  He even starts to nip at people he has known and loved all his life.

Growing older stinks.  Unfortunately, it happens a lot faster for our dogs.  We need to understand what our dogs are experiencing so that we can adjust our habits and provide them with a great quality of life in their later years.


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