Understanding Your Dog’s Need for his “Safety Zone”

Posted by Bruce Edwards on October 25, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

We all have places where we like to go to unwind and just blow off a little steam.  The world can get just a little too crazy and we just want to take a “time out” for a little while.  This could be the gym, a movie, or the Lazy Boy and a good book.

Our dogs also have a critical need for their own safety zones.  This fills their natural need for a cave or den where they could retreat and unconditionally become safe and secure.  It is a place that they can also unwind and rethink the world around them.  It is important that we nurture this need with our dogs and actively provide them with the opportunity to have one or more of these places available to them.  These places can be either single locations or even mobile.

understand the need for your dog's safety zone

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