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We would like to thank all of our clients for their great stories about their dogs and Life’s Abundance.  When you start to feed your dog a healthy and nutritious food that they like, both their health and disposition improve.



We got our first puppy from the pet store and we were feeding him the food the pet store told us to buy.  He had no problem eating his food, but it seemed we had to feed him a lot and he was always making potty accidents.  We had Bruce and Robin help us with his training and pottying and they gave us some really great information.

As they were helping us with the pottying, they also observed that Rascal (that’s our puppy’s name) was eating a lot of food.  They said that if we switched to a dog food with more nutrition and good ingredients, we wouldn’t have to feed him as much.  That would help with the potty problem.

We started feeding Rascal Life’s Abundance and he loved it.  We only had to feed him about half as much as before and that really helped with the pottying.  It was just a win-win all the way around.

– B. Jamison, Johns Creek, Ga


I have a five year old Golden Retriever that I had been feeding Purina Beneful since she was a puppy.  She has always been kind of crazy and always wanted more food than we gave her.  She has always had a problem with her weight, but when we tried to cut the food, she began to loose all her energy.

We switched to the Life’s Abundance Adult Weight Loss dog food and the change in Molly was remarkable. She lost her pudginess and still had energy to play and be a great dog.  We also noticed that her coat was shinier and she didn’t seem to shed as much.

I thought that all Golden Retrievers just shed all the time, but I guess it must have been the food.  The other great thing is that since she is eating less, we don’t have to fill the bowl as much.  This makes Life’s Abundance less expensive than Beneful.  We have a better dog because of better food.  It is less expensive and far more convenient.  We are really glad we switched.

M. Wilson, Atlanta, Ga


Charlie has always been a very picky eater.  We tried all the different dog foods and had to feed him by hand to get him to eat.  At the suggestion of a friend, we ordered a small bag of Life’s Abundance Grain Free dog food.  We had been reading up on the grain free foods and also liked the fact that Life’s Abundance is delivered right to our door.

Charlie loves the food and we don’t have to feed him from our hands any more.  We now order the big bag and have it automatically shipped to us once every two months.  What a no brainer!

– R. Hotchkiss, Gainesville, Ga


I picked up one of Bruce and Robin’s Life’s Abundance brochures while I was at a local art festival recently.  The more I read about the dog food products and the company, the more I was impressed.  I ordered the adult weight-loss dog food for my slightly chubby Yellow Lab and it arrived at my front door in a day and a half.

My Lab loves the food and I can already see that she is beginning to loose weight.  Over the years I tried starving my dog, running her for an hour in the evening, and even having her on special weight control pills.  Those, obviously, didn’t work.  Having her loose weight by eating a healthy, high quality food that is delivered right to my front door is just great.  Life’s Abundance is great food made by a great company.

– M. Jamison, Athens, Ga


I recently had Robin come out to train me and Millie, my five month Pit Bull puppy.  The training was great and her tips on nutrition were great too.  She had me try Life’s Abundance Buffalo Bully Sticks to keep Millie’s teeth clean and to focus her chewing problem on something that is healthy and safe.  The Bully Sticks are great!

I just ordered the Life’s Abundance puppy food and hope that it is as great as their Bully Sticks.

– B. Campbell, Dahlonega, Ga


I have a German Shepherd who has always been a finicky eater and also just started to get skin allergies.  It was a strange coincidence that we just moved down here and had Bruce over to put in an invisible dog fence to keep Robinson (our Shepherd) on our property.  As Bruce was putting in the system, he noticed how Robinson would leave his food bowl full and how he was always scratching.

We talked a little about Robinson’s skin problem and lack of excitement with the food. Bruce mentioned that they feed their five dogs Life’s Abundance Grain Free Premium Dog Food and that all his dogs love it.  Also, his Shepherd had skin allergies and the Grain Free Life’s Abundance took care of it.

I ordered a bag of the Grain Free Dog Food and my Shepherd loves it.  Also, his itching has stopped and it looks like his skin is clearing up.  This is great stuff and I am so happy that Bruce took the time to help Robinson and sell me on this great product!

– R. Mobley, Canton, Ga


My little toy poodle has always been a picky eater.  From the day I got her from the breeder, I had to hand feed her every meal.  Even with that, it took me about an hour to get her to eat.  About a month ago, I spotted a car with a picture of a funny looking dog licking his mouth and holding an empty dog bowl.  Next to that was a web site named Really Good Dog Food dot com.  I thought that was really cute, so I checked it out.

I called Robin and she was very knowledgeable about dog nutrition.  She sent me as sample of the Life’s Abundance food and my little guy just loved it.  He ate it right up and seemed mad that I didn’t have any more.

I am now feeding my toy poodle Life’s Abundance Dog Food and have even ordered some of their healthy doggie treats.  Just like the sign said, Life’s Abundance is really good dog food!

– J. Adams, Cumming, Ga



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