Teaching Your Dog to Go Into His Crate

Posted by Bruce Edwards on October 11, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

Crates are really great for our dogs.  They are a place of safety and also a sign of security.  We can use them as a simple place to feed our dogs as well as a place to have them when the repair man is over to fix the disposal.  The problem that many of us often face is getting our dog to easily go into the crate.  This problem probably started with some sort of inappropriate use of the create or lack of passive socialization in the introduction of the crate.

We need to focus on making the crate a great place and to make our dog “want to go” into the crate.  This really isn’t a big deal if we introduce some simple exercises focused proper crate introduction and passive, supportive socialization.

What to do to get your dog to love the crate

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