Stop Your Puppy from Nipping Your Hands

Posted by Bruce Edwards on August 08, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

Whenever we go out to train a new dog owner and their puppy and ask them to list their “a Priorities” of what they want to accomplish, they always tell us that they want their puppy to stop nipping at their hands.  The funny thing is that their cute, little puppy is nipping at their hands because they are actually telling him to do so.

A part of a puppy’s communication is nipping.  They are not trying to be mean or hurt us, they are just trying to get our attention.  As babies ourselves, we used to cry and throw things on the ground.  (…and there are some family members that still do that into adulthood!)

We also encourage this by constantly playing with them and getting our hands close to their mouth.  Height and proximity are triggers for physical play and our puppy is simply following our lead.

Stop your puppy from nipping

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