So You Want to Get a Second Dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on November 25, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

We are often asked by our clients if they should get a second dog.  First of all, we are the wrong people to ask because we have six dogs and probably would have more if we could.  But since we are dog trainers, we need to provide our clients with some professional direction.  We always begin the discussion by stating that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to getting a second dog.  They shouldn’t get a second dog out of guilt because they feel that their current dog is lonely.  This normally is not the case.

They should also not consider getting a second dog because they want to mate their dog.  There are far easier methods to mate their dog than bringing in a new dog.

We like to provide thought starters and guidelines that help our clients guide themselves to the appropriate answer.  Several of the topics we like to include are (1) Temperament, (2) Gender, (3) Proper Introduction, and (4) The Ability to Maintain Order.

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