Your First Puppy – What Do You Do?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on September 27, 2015  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Everyone always wants a new puppy.  They are so cute and playful in the puppy store and give us instant, unconditional love.  We watch TV shows and puppies always seem to do great and always appear so well behaved.  They don’t tear up things, never potty in the house, and are always OK if we want to go away for a long weekend.

From those of you who have dogs and especially you guys who have had puppies before, the above paragraph are the musings of someone who has never owned a new puppy.

Puppies are great, but they are also take a large commitment on your part as well as a good amount of work and patience.  Understanding the types of toys, food, activities, and rules you need to implement and enforce are critical in getting off on the right path to assure a well behaved dog and happy family.  Proper puppy training and socialization will quickly assure that you have a wonderful dog for life.  We have some great and simple training tips to get you on your way.


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