Living With Your Older Dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on February 27, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

We all love to play with our puppies and dogs in the back yard.  Running and jumping; hiding and hugging; are all bonding activities and signs of affection that are great between us and our active dogs.  We can experience years and years of exercise and active play with our canine best friends.

At some time, our canine best friends will start to slow down.  They grow older and just can’t do all the things they once did.  They start to loose their mobility, hearing, and sight.  They also can start to become more cranky and give you a grrr when you start to engage them.

They are just getting old.  This is a natural progression of life that we all will eventually face.  We need to understand how to deal with our dog’s lager years in order to still have a great dog and wonderful relationship.  Also, please check out our Healthy Dog Supplements to help manage the aging process.

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