Why people don’t train their dogs… And they should!

Posted by Bruce Edwards on March 15, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

How often are you out in public and you see a dog jumping and barking just to have the owner pick him up and give him a treat?  There is always that one house on the street that you don’t like to walk by because there is a dog running at you from the front yard or going nuts behind the fence.  These are situations where some dog training is really needed, but it just doesn’t happen.

Many times people just don’t want to train their dogs because they think they are “human” and will just get over it.  Other times, people think that training their dog might make him sad or take away his personality.  Other times, people just think it is too much work.  Having a well trained dog is a critical part of having a proper bond and excellent relationship between the two of you.

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