Pick the Right Pet Sitting Solution for Your Dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on October 02, 2015  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

The Holiday Season is nearly upon us and many of us will be taking holiday vacations with our families, trips to see our parents across the state or country, or simply taking long weekends with our friends.  Our pets are normally left behind during these times.

Picking the right “dog sitting” solution is critical when we go on these trips.  The way that we leave our dogs alone helps define how we maintain their safety and social continuity.  To tell you the truth, it is pretty easy when we get it wrong.  We come home and our dogs are just nuts, and even destructive, for days after we return.  They are telling us that we did not fulfill our responsibility of maintaining their well-being; even when we weren’t there.

There are many options that we can choose from when deciding how we will leave our dogs at home.  They include leaving them with a friendly neighbor, boarding them, having a dog walker come in and check in on them, and others.  Our job is to find the one that maintains our continuity of leadership and their continued feeling of safety.


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