Don’t Have Dogs Chase You on Your Bike Ride

Posted by Bruce Edwards on October 17, 2015  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

From the moment we learned to ride our first bicycle around the neighborhood, we have always experienced the problem of those pesky neighborhood dogs chasing us and nipping at our heels.  No matter what we did, they were always out and after us and they almost always caught us.  Now that we are older and (in theory) smarter, our bicycle rides are still plagued with new dogs chasing us and always catching us.

The problem that we just aren’t getting is that, through the years, our bicycle riding is causing a specific canine reaction.  Once we understand what the dogs think we are doing, we can adjust our bicycle riding so that they don’t constantly chase us.  And, by the way, I’m getting way to old for all that chasing stuff!


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