What to consider if you want a second dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on May 08, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Robin and I first have to confess that we have seven dogs, so we are a little biased when it comes to “multiple dogs in the household”.  We have talked to many clients who have a single dog and are thinking about adding another to the family.  The first question we always ask them is “Why?”.  Are they the ones who just want to have more dogs around?  Do they think their dog is lonely and would be happier with a friend?  Is their dog old and they think another dog would help enhance their current dog’s quality of life?  Did they see a pretty dog at the Puppy Store?

There are always a multitude of reasons that our clients will supply.  No matter what their “reasoning” for another dog, we always ask them if they are prepared to give the time and financial commitment to have another dog.  They need to understand that even though their kids may “promise” to take care of the dog, they will end up feeding, walking, etc.   We try to make it clear that we aren’t trying to scare them, we are trying to make sure that their actions will be in the best interests of the additional dog.

Getting a second dog

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