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How Can I Keep My Dog Safe and Happy on July 4th?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on July 02, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

July 4th is one of our most iconic American holidays.  It is the day we all celebrate being us.  We have barbecues, shoot off fireworks, watch parades, listen to bands play John Philip Sousa, and share a fun time with our family and friends. It is a wonderful time for us, but not for our dogs.

To our dogs, this day can be a frightful nightmare.  Many dogs are afraid of loud noises and the flashes of fireworks can disorient them.  Having strange people, smells, and sounds invading their normally calm and consistent environment can make them very fearful.  Taking them to hectic, crowded public places can also put them at risk.  As I said, “nightmare”.

We need to find a way to make sure that our dogs feel safe and secure during this time.  This is because it is our responsibility to our dogs to make this happen.  Also, we love our dogs and want to have them share in our good times on this day too.  Robin and I have written a great article that helps out in this respect.   Make July Fourth great for you and your dog by reading our article titled “How Can I Keep My Dog Safe and Happy on July Fourth.

The 4th of July can be very scary for your dog. Keep him safe and happy on this American holiday.

Why Is My New Dog Not Like My Last Dog?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 29, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many people think that “a dog is a dog” and they all act the same.  They bark at the Mail Man, run after squirrels, sit at your feet when you are watching TV, and love to play with your kids.  Well, that is a good generalization of what to expect from most dogs, but not a predictor of what to expect.

Like people, all dogs are different.  Even two dogs from the same litter can be completely different.  Because of this, it is wrong to assume that if you had a specific breed in the past and wanted the exact same experience, it will unquestionably be accomplished by getting the same breed again.

In addition, it is important to train and interact with every dog based on their temperament, strengths, and weaknesses.   Just like people, a dog can be assertive or passive, focused or wandering, inquisitive or placid, etc.  Every dog has their own character traits and the best way to build a positive relationship with your dog is to understand and work off those character traits.

Robin and I have a great article that comes from living with (sometimes) eight dogs over the years.  Each of them have been different and we needed to deal with each one individually. Please take a look at our article titled “Why Is My New Dog Not Like My Last Dog”.

Every dog is an individual, even within breeds and litters.

How Do Dogs Talk?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 26, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

For some reason we think that if we just start talking to our dog, he will understand exactly what we are saying.  This may be caused by our watching too many Skooby-Doo cartoons when we were younger.  The kids would just talk to Skooby and he would talk right back to them.  Let’s take a reality check right now.  Have you ever had your dog look at you, open his mouth, and say “Master, I believe I need to go to the bathroom.  Will you please open the door for me?”.  I think (hope) not.

Dogs have an excellent communication process that is very similar to ours.  The big difference is that they communicate in a more direct and simpler method.  We need to understand how they communicate in order to allow us to “talk to them”.

The great news is that we already understand their process of communication.  We just make things far too complicated when we communicate.  Once we remove all the “human”, foolish distractions from our communication, they will easily understand us.  We have a great article that will tell you exactly what to do.  Please check out our article titled “How Do Dogs Talk” and start your conversation today.

Learn how to talk with your dog

How Can I Walk Two Crazy Dogs?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 23, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

When we get two dogs, normally puppies, we start to train them together.  That seems pretty logical and is a lot less time consuming than working with each one separately.  This works out pretty well for most things like inside behavior, simple commands, and potty training.

The issue that many of us face comes when we want to train our dogs to walk outside with us, together.  All their “wonderful behavior” seems to immediately evaporate. One dog shoots off in one direction while the other is barking at the neighbor sitting on their porch.  We try to correct them but as soon as we think we get one under control the other is going crazy again.

What we quickly learn is that the more we try to “teach them” together on the walk, the more it is turning into an absolute disaster.  Everything we thought we were doing correctly just wasn’t working.

The “secret” that Robin and I know is that you have forgotten the most important fact in successful training.  Without that fact, you have no ability to logically create an action plan for success.  We have a great article that reminds you of this simple solution and gives you the steps needed to have a great walk with both of your dogs. Please check out our article titled “How Can I Walk Two Crazy Dogs

Walk two dogs at the same time

How Do I Stop My Puppy from Nipping My Hands?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 20, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

There are few things more painful that those sharp little puppy teeth.  When our cute, little puppy comes up to us and gives a little nip, it often feels like we were just bitten by the jaws of a massive shark.

The bottom line is that all puppies nip.  They use their teeth in a passive way to communicate and also as an action of socialization.  When puppies nip other puppies, it doesn’t hurt them because they are nipping fur.  The problem is that we have skin and nipping skin really hurts.

We don’t want to take away the spirit and joy of our puppies, but we don’t want to be all nipped up either.  So, we need to understand what we can do to stop them from nipping us.  This involves the communication we are missing that causes them to nip.  It also involves our actions that places them in a natural, social position that encourages and often demands a nip.

Robin and I have a great article that can allow you to have a great, happy puppy that is no longer nipping you.  Please take a look at our dog training article titled “How Do I Stop My Puppy from Nipping My Hands”.

Stop your puppy from nipping your hands

How Do I Keep My Dog Calm at the Veterinarian Hospital?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 17, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Having a crazy dog in public is never fun.  At least when we are in normal “public places”, we can simply go home.  The same can not be said when we take our dog to the Veterinarian Hospital.

There we are, stuck in the Waiting Room that is always filled to the brim with other nervous dogs and fidgety dog owners.  Our dog starts to bark or another dog barks at them and then things start to “get interesting”.  Sometimes it is next to impossible to get them from the Waiting Room to the Examining Room.

We need to understand that our dog is just not happy there.  We need to figure out why he feels that way and then come up with a plan to make that “unhappiness” go away so that we can turn that “doggie frown” upside-down.  The answer is not to fill him up with “doggie downers” before you go.  If you are taking him there to be examined, having him drugged won’t allow the Vet to properly complete his job.

The absolutely excellent news is that Robin and I have a great dog training/socialization process that has corrected bad dog behavior in Vet Hospitals.  We have used it with our clients for years and it is always a great success.  Please have a great Vet visit with your dog by reading “How Do I Keep My Dog Calm at the Veterinarian Hospital”.  You will be really glad you did!

Some dogs do not feel safe at the Vet hospital. You need to change that through a proper socialization process.

How Do I Teach My Dog to Play Fetch?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 14, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

We see our friends’ dogs or dogs on TV playing all sorts of games with their masters, so we naturally think our dog should do the same thing.  When we give them a command to “play a doggie game” with us and they don’t do it, we get frustrated and mad.

There are some “doggie games” that we like to play with our dogs that our dogs naturally know because they were “puppy games” they played with their siblings.  These games were based on social structure and dominance positioning.  They helped them understand how to function and react.

There are a lot of “doggie games” that humans “just made up”.  We never send our dog the memo saying they had to play those games and didn’t tweet a link to a video that would explain what to do.

When our dog doesn’t understand how to “play a game” like “Fetch”, we need to progressively teach him in a positive and repetitive way. Please understand how to teach your dog to play a game such as “Fetch” by reading our dog training article titled “How Do I Teach My Dog to Play Fetch”.

Your dog doesn't naturally understand how to play "fetch". You need to teach him the game.

How Do I Stop My Dog from Destroying His Dog Bed?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 11, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many dog owners face the very difficult problem of walking downstairs in the morning to find that their dog had completely destroyed the dog bed in their crate.  They may get mad at the dog, but that really doesn’t help.  Their dog may have destroyed the bed hours ago and would have no idea why their owner was so mad.

Most owners simply clean up the mess and go out and buy a new dog bed.  They cross their fingers and really, really hope that their dog doesn’t destroy the new one they just brought home from the pet store.  Well, that scenario normally ends up with another torn up dog bed.

This appears to be a never-ending problem that most dog owners hope will just magically fix itself.  We all know that this will probably not be the case. The good news is that Robin and I have an article, based on our many years of experience, that definitively resolves this issue.  Please read our article titled “How Do I Stop My Dog from Destroying His Dog Bed” to learn the answer. The answer always works and is really simple.

Stop your dog from destroying his bed in the dog crate

How Can I Avoid a Dog Bite?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 09, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

We have all been put in that situation where we come upon a dog that we think really wants to come at us and bite us.  Our natural instinct is to turn and run as fast as we can.  Maybe we can out run him or maybe he isn’t interested and won’t even come after us. The answer to these two possibilities is almost always “no”.

As humans, we perceive running away as a “retreat” that is often all the “other side” wants to accomplish.  There are human perceptions and not the mind set of that aggressive dog that looks like he as about to pounce on you.  We need to understand what is going through the dog’s head to figure a way not to be attacked.

The most important thing that we can do to try and not be bitten is to stay calm.  This can help to send a signal of assurance to the dog.  This is a strong neutral signal that tells the dog that you mean him no harm.  It also sends a signal of passive dominance that will have the dog think twice about any aggressive posture on his part.

Robin and I have a great article that details the specific things you can do to send the appropriate signals to the dog who looks like he wants to eat you.  Please check out our dog training article titled “How Can I Avoid a Dog Bite”.  I have followed the steps we have provided and have avoided multiple bad situations.

Don't bet bitten

How Do I Stop My Puppy from Waking Me Up at Night?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on June 07, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

It is so exciting when you bring home your new little puppy and expect to have a wonderful experience.  Then, about 1AM in the morning you start hearing whining, scratching, whelping, and barking.  You think something is wrong and you run over to your puppy to find that he is waiting to see you.  He gives you licks and jumps and walks around the room for a minute or two.  You think everything is great and you settle back in bed.  Then, twenty minutes later; the same thing.

Puppies often bark and whine at night, but constantly going to them does not resolve the issue.  Most of the time they do not have to go potty.  Most of the time they simply want to see if they can get you to come to them and play with them.  Guess what?  You normally do just that.

Simply ignoring your puppy may eventually get him to be quiet and go to bed.  This course of action may cost you many, many hours of sleep.  There is no single solution to “new puppy barking at night” issues, but there are some things you can do to mitigate and minimize problem.

Robin and I would like to share two simple ideas with you that work on proactively addressing “your sleepless nights”.  Please look over our article titled “How Do I Stop My Puppy from Waking Me Up at Night” to learn our simple steps.  You, and probably your entire family will be glad you did!

Learn some great tips to stop your puppy from barking at night

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