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How do I Prepare to Dog Sit my Friend’s Dog When I have Dogs Too?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 17, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Robin is always a push over with our friends when it comes to taking in our friends’ dogs for the weekend.  With five dogs, we don’t get away on a lot of “quick weekend excursions”, so we are normally home.  That makes us wonderful “targets” for our friends to watch their dogs.

Please don’t get me wrong, we love most of our friends’ dogs.  For the most part, they are great and get along great with our dogs.  Having one more dog is really just one more wet nose asking for hugs while I am watching TV.

Being dog trainers and canine behavioral professionals, we have already taken the appropriate steps ahead of time to make sure that the weekend with all the dogs will be great.  We have already conditioned them, established the rules, and set the environment to assure a wonderful time.  The problem is that many people do not take these steps and bad things can happen.

If you are one of those people who like to have your friends’ dogs over, we strongly suggest that you take a look at our article on “How do I Prepare to Dog Sit my Friend’s Dog When I have Dogs Too?” just to be sure everything will be as great as you assume.

Dog sitting a friend's dog can be a happy experience for you and your dogs if you take the appropriate precautions.

Things to Consider When Bringing an Additional Dog to Your Family

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 15, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Robin and I have experienced our clients having wonderful relationships with their dogs.  We help them create loving and lasting relationships and they “just smile” every time they are in the same room with their dog.

Many times our clients are so excited about the experience they have with their one dog, they want another.  Their rational is that if one dog is great, two or more dogs will be really great.  Although this can be the case, bringing multiple dogs into your household may not be a really good idea.

The dynamics, time commitments, and financial responsibilities of having multiple dogs is very different than only having one dog.  Robin and I have five dogs and we will be the first to tell you that it is an entirely different experience than having one dog.

We have a great article titled “Things to Consider When Bringing an Additional Dog to Your Family” that you really need to read if you are considering another dog.  We know you only have the best intentions, let’s make sure they will create the right results.

Understand the special issues and questions you need to address when considering a second dog

Is it Possible to Give Your Dog Too Much Affection?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 13, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

One of the biggest mistakes we make as dog owners is to give our dogs too much affection.  We, as humans, think that the more “hugs and kisses” the better.  We love getting attention and accolades from our family, friends, coworkers, and bosses.  We love being the center of attention.  We also understand that this attention is normally based on specific actions or situations that may not carry over into the rest of our lives.

Dogs have a different perspective of attention and affection.  They love the affection and attention just as we do; but there are some additional perceptions they place on those activities.  Too much affection can cause bad behavior in our dogs.  It can sometimes lead to dangerous situations such as aggression and misplaced dominance.

Robin and I have a great dog training article titled “Is it Possible to Give Your Dog Too Much Affection” that explains what is really happening between you and your dog when you give affection.  We also supply you with some suggestions that allow you to give affection and maintain the proper relationship with your dog.  Please check out our article today.

Giving your dog affection is great if you do not over do it. Too much affection can lead to bad behaviors with your dog

Playing with Your Dog and Proper Dog Toys

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 11, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Believe it or not, the way that you play with your dog and the toys you use when playing with your dog can go a very long way in defining your relationship with your dog and his lifelong behavior.  To a large extent, the same is true with you and me.

With our dogs, as with us, “play” can be thought at the “dress rehearsal” for “real life”.  It is a time where things can be worked out, rules can be established, lessons learned, and behavior created.  The difference between dogs and humans is that we have a better understanding of “Oh, that is just play” and comprehend that the behavior we display during playtime may not be appropriate for some situations in our general life experiences.

Dogs, on the other hand, place a much larger link between the activities done in their play time and what they believe they can do the rest of their life. Because of this, we need to be aware of the lessons taught during playtime.  Are those the behaviors we will allow the rest of the time?  Robin and I have a great article on “Playing with Your Dog and Proper Dog Toys” that gives an example of a trap many dog owners fall into when playing with their dog.  Please give it a read today.

Play with your dog in a way that will create respect and a lasting bond

Stop Your Dog Nipping Your Pants

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 09, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many dog owners have the problem of their dog nipping their pants as they pass by them.  Sometimes this bad behavior stops as the dog grows out of being a puppy.  Unfortunately, this bad behavior sometimes does not stop as the dog grows older.

When your dog nips your pants, that is bad enough.  It can be come a far bigger issue if your dog nips the pants of your house guests or other people coming into the house.  A simple nip can easily escalate into something more adrenalized and even turn into a bite.

It is important to stop this behavior as quickly as possible and to be sure it will not return.  The problem is that the way most humans try to stop this behavior actually escalates that in their dogs eyes.  We have a great article on “Stop Your Dog Nipping Your Pants” that will detail what you can easily do to have your dog understand that they can’t nip you anymore.  Please take a moment and read it today.

Stop your dog from nipping your pants through proper dog training from Home Dog Training of North Georgia

Should I let my Dog Walk without a Leash?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 08, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many dog owners love walking their dogs and they often walk their dogs without a leash.  In the right situation, walking your dog without a leash may be just fine.  Robin and I, as professional dog trainers, need to deal with safety the safety of any situation between a dog, their family, and the community.

It only takes one time where a dog becomes adrenalized by a squirrel squeaking in a tree limb across the street.  No matter how much training the dog owner may have done with their dog, that one moment may be the time where it all goes out the window for s split second.  That split second may be the moment when the dog is encouraged to “go for the squirrel”.  The dog runs out into the street to go for the squirrel and directly into danger.

Even worse than having the dog in danger, there may be a small child playing with the dog at that moment.  The small child may follow the dog into the street.  These are both situations that we can not allow to happen.  Because of the spontaneity and uniqueness of the event, there is never a way that simple training can ever assure it would not happen.

Robin and I have a great article discussing “Walking Your Dog without a Leash” that will go into more detail on this subject and the need for overall safety.  Please take a look at this article to avoid a possible tragedy and assure a safe and happy relationship with your dog.

You must always keep your dog safe at all times in all places. When you are out, you need to do this with a leash

Stop Your Dog from Running Up and Down the Fence

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 05, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

It is always a lot of fun to play with our dogs in the back yard.  We love to throw the ball, play hide and go seek, and just spend quality time with them.  Sometimes we will let them out just to “be themselves” and have some “alone doggie time”.  This is great for them too.

Having our dogs in the back yard is fine as long as they are still obeying themselves and not bugging you and your neighbors.  When there are dogs or other distractions on the other side of the backyard fence, our dogs sometimes do something very, very annoying.

They will run up and down the fence line, barking at the fence and sometimes leaping up to try and see what is on the other side.  This will go on and on and often seems like our dog is finding a way to bark louder and louder.  When we come outside to try and stop this ruckus, we never get our dog’s attention. Whatever we do or try, we can’t catch him.  The more we try and get the situation under control, the more out of control is seems to become.

We have a great training program that will teach you how to easily manage your dog’s “fence running” and always get his respectful focus whenever you want.  Please check out our dog training article on “Stop Your Dog from Running Up and Down the Fence” and start having a fun time in the backyard with your dog.

Having your dog always run up and down the back fence barking is always a problem. Bruce and Robin from North Georgia Dog Training can fix that

Walking Your Large Dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 03, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many families have large dogs such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, Mastiffs, and the like.  Big dogs, small dogs, medium dogs; they are all great and all of them make our lives just that much better.  One of the activities that almost every dog owner loves to do is to “walk their dog”.

Walking your dog normally requires some form of training.  The dog needs to get used to the leash and to understand that they need to walk on the leash with you.  This can often start out to be a slightly physical situation because most dogs start their training by pulling on the leash.  Your part of the training is to direct them back and slowly discontinue their pulling.

When you have a big dog and you are not that big, this part of the training can be a problem.  You need to be able to “be big” to gain your dog’s respect and focus so you can let him know he needs to behave.  We have a great, fool-proof solution. Please read our dog training article on “Walking Your Large Dog” to “become big” and have a great time walking your dog.

Walking your dog that is larger than you can be a problem. Bruce and Robin Edwards from North Georgia Dog Training can easily help solve this dog walking issue

Taking Care of My Dog When I Am Away

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 01, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Robin and I have five dogs and we almost always travel with them.  Because of our lifestyle, this is something we can easily do.  This is not an option for many dog owners.  Many dog owners need to travel for business or go on family vacations where bringing their dogs is not an option.

Most of the time, we are always around our dogs and they are used to our being out of the house when we go to work or to the market.  We have tried to be really good “dog parents” and have always done things to keep them safe and to have them feel happy.  If we have to go away for several days to several weeks, we still want to make sure they are happy and feel safe.  We really don’t want them to feel like Macaulay Culkin in the Home Alone movies.

There are several options open to you if you need to leave your dog home when you go on a trip out of town.  These options include options such as dog sitting, dog walkers, home dog boarding, and pet resorts.  Each option offers a different nuance to the solution. Please read our dog training article on “Taking Care of My Dog When I Am Away” on our blog to find the right solution for you.  Your dog will thank you and you won’t have to be constantly worrying about him.

Understand your dog boarding options if you need to go out of town and can not bring your dog

Know When to Correct Your Dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on March 30, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

I think that it is a pretty safe statement to make that nobody wants to have a bad dog.  We bring dogs into our family and want to do everything possible to make sure everything is happy for all.  Sometimes, just like with our kids, our dogs do things that we may not like.  When this happens, as good dog parents, we want to get them back on the right path.

Although we have all the best intentions, sometimes out actions do not result in the results we expected or wanted.  Our dog does something wrong and whatever we do, they just aren’t stopping.  In fact, things may even be getting worse and they may be doing more things we don’t like.  This leads to our frustration and, normally, escalation of the “correction actions” we were doing that weren’t working.

The problem is not that we have a bad dog or that we are bad dog owners.  It gets back to one of my favorite movie lines from all time, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”.  It isn’t necessarily the communication, but the process of delivering the communication. Robin and I have a great dog training article on “Know When to Correct Your Dog” that will get you two talking.  Please take a look at it and start having a real conversation with your dog today.

When it comes to correcting and communicating with your dog, it is all about timing.

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