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Feeding your dog Life’s Abundance Premium Dog Food is a great step in the right direction of providing him with the bond and safety he craves and needs.  In addition, obedience and behavior training is very important in assuring that you have a great dog for life and the proper companion for the entire family.

We would like to share some of the articles we have written over the years and continue to write regarding dog safety, obedience, and behavior.  We hope you enjoy them.


Stop Your Dog from Begging at the Table

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It is just so annoying when you are trying to have a meal at the table and you have a barking dog at the base of your chair, nudging your leg, or trying to jump in your lap.  As soon as you get up to get something from the kitchen, your dog is on the table going after your sandwich.

You yell at your dog and push him away, but he keeps coming back.  The problem is that you are not addressing the real problem and setting the scene to correct the annoying action once and for all.  You need to understand that your actions, not only during meal time, are signaling your dog that it is OK to go after the food on the table.

You need to address your general actions to establish your wishes to stay away from the food on the table.  We have a great dog training article to “Stop Your Dog from Begging at the Table” that can fix this continuing problem in just a few days.  Please take a look at our dog training article today and start enjoying your meal time very, very soon.

Stop your dog from begging at the table

Don’t Be a Bully and Still Train Your Dog

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Over the years Robin and I have seen so many dog owners trying to train their dogs like they were little, furry people.  They communicate and react like humans and assume that their dog understands.  When they don’t respond, our clients normally get mad or do the same thing again and often forcefully.

The problem is that dogs don’t communicate in the same manner as humans and can sometimes become fearful because of the methods we (humans) try to use to get them to understand us.  We need to make sure that we talk to them in “their language”.  When we do that, they will then respond to our requests.

Robin and I have a great dog training article on “Don’t Be a Bully and Still Train Your Dog” to start talking to your dog today.  Trust us, the conversation will be great!

Properly talk to your dog

How to Train Your Dog When Your Family is Crazy

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Robin and I have trained many dogs and have found that their surroundings are very important in the training process.  When they are in a calm and sedate environment, it is very easy to get their focus and to teach them.  If the dog is in the middle of a “three ring circus”, they are way too busy “chasing the elephants” than listening to what you want them to do.

Just remember when we were in school.  It was always quiet and calm.  That allowed our teacher to get our attention and then to teach us our lesson.  The same thing is true when you are training your dog.  Since you are normally training your dog at your home, it is important that your home is calm when you are training your dog.  Well, sometimes our home is just darn crazy and it is hard to make it any other way.  We have a great dog training article on “How to Train Your Dog When Your Family is Crazy”.  Please read it today so you can easily and effectively train your dog.

Train your dog even if your family is crazy

What Causes Sibling Rivalry in Your Dogs

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Having multiple dogs in your family can be a wonderful thing for everyone.  With multiple dogs in the family comes additional things, as a dog owner, you need to understand.  You will always be the leader, best friend, and protector of all your dogs and they will willingly accept that.  When there is only one dog in the family, the family hierarchy is very simple.  You are the boss and they are not.  Adding multiple dogs to the mix creates a new dynamic.

Your multiple dogs will decide among each other how they rank.  This does not involve you, only them.  They will figure out which dog is “higher on the food chain” than the next.  They will all accept this and still respect you as their overall leader.

If you start to perform actions that upset their sense of relationship hierarchy among each other, that can cause issues.  This can cause bad behavior and even aggressive actions.  This is normally known as “Sibling Rivalry”.  Please read our article “What Causes Sibling Rivalry in Your Dogs and How to Fix the Problem” and fix your problem or make sure it doesn’t happen.

Sibling Rivalry is caused by your dogs being confused regarding you you are treating them

Training Your Dog to Stay

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The “Stay Command” is one of the core obedience exercises that we teach all our clients.  They are “Come”, “Sit”, “Stay”, and “Walk”.  The one difference with the “Stay” command is that it has a prerequisite that the dog needs to have accomplished before it can be successfully taught.  This would be the same for us knowing how to do arithmetic before we could understand algebra.

Like all obedience commands, safety plays a very large role in their successful implementation.  If you are having someone come in the front door, you want your dog to stay in one place to allow them in.  If you are walking and you stop at the street corner, you want your dog to stay so that he doesn’t run into the street.  You don’t want your dog to run down the street and get hit by a car so you want him to stay on the porch.

The mistake that most people make in trying to teach their dog to stay is that they don’t take “baby steps” to allow their dog to understand what they really want.  Like all commands, obtaining and controlling your dog’s focus is key to all levels of success.  Please read our great dog training article on “Training Your Dog to Stay” to find our step-by-step instructions to successfully have your dog Stay.

The stay command can be taught to your dog if you take it slow

Dealing with Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Posted by Bruce Edwards on March 09, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Robin and I often receive calls from dog owners because of complaints of their dog incessantly barking when they are away from the house.  We are also often called from dog owners who are at their whit’s end because of their dog’s destructive behavior.  The problem that these dog owners have is that the methods they had been using to try and fix the problem seemed to only make the situation worse.

The mistake that these well-intentioned dog owners are making is that they were trying to simply address the action and not correct the underlying issue.  Barking and destruction when the owner almost always is a result of their dog’s separation anxiety.

The bad news is that separation anxiety is a dog training issue that takes a long time to correct.  The good news is that, through the help of a professional dog trainers such as Robin and myself, it is easy to correct.  It just takes time, patience, and a clear plan.  We can help you with all this.  Please read our dog training article on “Dealing with Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety” to understand what to do and how to have a great dog.  And remember, we are always here to help.

Correct Separation Anxiety with your dog

Stop Your Dog from Chewing

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One of the most common complaints people have about their dogs is destructive and annoying chewing.  This behavior is often caused because of behavioral issues such as boredom, fear, anxiety, or attention seeking behavior.  It can also be caused because of physical issues such as teething.  In any case, it can be destructive, annoying, and sometimes dangerous.

Many dog owners try to fix the problem through methods that only highlight and encourage the behavior.  We have found that by expanding the dog’s options and directing them to a more appropriate solution is the fastest method in stopping the bad behavior.

We have a great dog training article titled “Stop Your Dog from Chewing” that outlines the exact steps you need to take to solve your dog’s chewing problems.  Please read the article today and have a great dog that doesn’t chew things up.  Your furniture, family, and friends will thank you for doing it.

Stop your dog from chewing

Tips for a Great Car Ride with your Dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on March 05, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

If you are like us, you love your dogs and you want to have them share as much of your life as possible.  Part of our life is traveling from one place to the next in our cars.  That means that we will have our “normally well behaved” dogs with us in the car.

While at home, we have figured out what things may cause our dogs to misbehave and specific circumstances that may make them a little crazy.  Over time, we have eliminated those things in order to make life better for the entire family.  We need to do that when we are in the car too.

Our dogs are very similar, but still different from us regarding their social interaction and possible reactions.  We need to understand what is going on through “their canine heads” when in the car.  Things as simple as where they are seated, how they are constrained, and the things going on outside the car can send a very different signal to them than us.  We have a great dog training and safety article on “Tips for a Great Car Ride with you Dog” so that your car ride will be great for everyone.

Properly prepare your dog for a safe and happy car ride

When Your Dog isn’t Listening When You Talk

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Whether it comes to teaching, communication is essential to success.  It doesn’t matter if your student is human or canine, if you can’t get your point across, you will never be able to teach.  Humans normally communicate through our mouths.  We use verbal communication, or language, to express a point to another person.

This works perfectly when the other person understands our language.  When they don’t, they will have no idea what we are trying to say.  The same is true with our dogs.  When we communicate with our dogs, we need to “talk dog” in order for them to understand what we are saying.

First of all, “talking dog” is not about making “dog sounds”.  Dogs communicate using a different method than we normally employ when talking to other humans.  Please read our dog training article on “How Dogs Communicate” and start talking to your dog today.  You will love the conversation!

Use body language when you want to talk to your dog. You will be amazed at the results

Walking Your Dog in a Crowd

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Many of us have a are positive that we have a wonderful and well behaved dog because he is great around the house, doesn’t tear things up, and normally comes to us when we call.  We even take him out on walks around the neighborhood when things are quiet, and he normally isn’t pulling on the leash.  And, for most instances, this is a wonderful dog for us.  There is nothing wrong with that.

But, now let’s say that our lifestyle changes.  We move to a neighborhood where that are a lot more people or decide we want to spend more time in crowded places.  This is perfectly natural and there is nothing wrong with this.  We understand what is going on and can easily adjust.

The problem is that, sometimes, our dog can’t easily adjust to the new, more crowded surroundings and will inappropriately act out.  This is normally displayed with our dog misbehaving and become excited when walking in crowds and crowded places.  We have some great training tips to help you prepare for this situation.  Please read our dog training article on “Walking Your Dog in a Crowd”.

Learn how to properly walk your dog in a crowd through great dog training and respectful focus

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