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Walking Your Dog in a Crowd

Posted by admin on March 01, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many of us have a are positive that we have a wonderful and well behaved dog because he is great around the house, doesn’t tear things up, and normally comes to us when we call.  We even take him out on walks around the neighborhood when things are quiet, and he normally isn’t pulling on the leash.  And, for most instances, this is a wonderful dog for us.  There is nothing wrong with that.

But, now let’s say that our lifestyle changes.  We move to a neighborhood where that are a lot more people or decide we want to spend more time in crowded places.  This is perfectly natural and there is nothing wrong with this.  We understand what is going on and can easily adjust.

The problem is that, sometimes, our dog can’t easily adjust to the new, more crowded surroundings and will inappropriately act out.  This is normally displayed with our dog misbehaving and become excited when walking in crowds and crowded places.  We have some great training tips to help you prepare for this situation.  Please read our dog training article on “Walking Your Dog in a Crowd”.

Learn how to properly walk your dog in a crowd through great dog training and respectful focus

How to Properly Pet and Show Affection to your Dog

Posted by admin on February 21, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Before I start to talk about petting your dog, let’s remind ourselves of something.  Remember when you were a kid and you had that relative that would come over and always meet you by punching you in the arm or messing up your hair?  You didn’t like meeting that relative and, the truth be said, wanted to punch him back.  Sometimes you might have hid when he came over.

Even though this family member may have loved you and had not bad intentions, his or her greeting made you afraid and angry.  The same can be said, at times, when we interact with our dog.

The way you pet or touch your dog will communicate many things to your dog.  What you may think is a perfectly appropriate way of greeting him and showing affection could be scaring him and even making him socially aggressive.

We have a great, simple, and short dog training article that quickly explains what you may be doing wrong and how to properly interact and pet your dog.  You will see instant results.  Please read our article on “Properly Pet and Interact with your Dog” and stop being that crazy family member you remember as a kid.

When you properly pet and show affection to your dog, he will understand that you will care and protect him. He will also understand that you are the boss and the one your dog should respect and provide focus

Make Sure Your Dog Has Enough Exercise

Posted by admin on February 20, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

It always seems that through the decades we always hear that we just don’t have the time like we had in the past.  We heard our parents say it, we say it, and our children will probably be saying it too.  The truth is that we have always had twenty-four hours to spend every day.  Our problem is that we sometimes are not spending those hours in the correct manner.

When our days start to fill up and we “think” that our time is not our own, after the unmade bed, our pets are often the next casualty of “not enough time”.  We used to take them on long walks in the evening after work, took them for car rides, and spent complete afternoons with them playing in the park on the weekends.  With new project deadlines and our kids’ soccer practice, those activities start to fall by the wayside.

Our dogs still need exercise and bonding in order to understand their role in our family and just stay healthy. It is important that we still provide them with this time even though we don’t think we have it.

A little understanding of the best “quality dog times” as well as focused time management for the family can still give you and your dog the time you need as well as get everything else done in your busy world.  Please take a look at our article on “Make Sure Your Dog has Enough Exercise” to learn how to exercise with your dog and still meet all your family and work obligations.

Make sure your dog has enough exercise

How Strict Should You Be with Your Dog?

Posted by admin on February 19, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Just as it often happens with our kids, our friends and neighbors are always willing and ready to offer advice regarding how strict or lenient we should be with our dog.  They may see us holding the leash too close when we are walking and will tell us that is hurting our dog.  They may complain because we don’t mind it if our dog runs up and down the fence when the mailman comes by.

It is always good behavior and proper to respect the opinions of others, but we still need to remember that it is our dog, our family, and our home.  We are the ones that need to build the loving bond and lifelong relationship between ourselves and our dog.

So, how strict should be with our dog?  It is important that our dog respects us and understands that we are the authority figure in the relationship.  We also don’t want them to cower and run every time they see us.  That balance is unique within every relationship.  Robin and I have some great tips and thoughts on this subject.  Please read our dog training blog article on “How Strict Should You Be with Your Dog” to receive a great insight into this important subject.

How strict should you be with your dog

When You Don’t Have Time for Your Dog

Posted by admin on February 19, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many of us have absolutely the best intentions when we bring a dog into our family.  It might be our first dog or we haven’t had a dog for a long time and want to experience the love and happiness we had with a dog in the past.  Things may start out wonderfully and we had assumed that the entire family was on board with bringing a dog into the home.

Then, things start to go not so well.  We may have overestimated how many hours we would be out of the house at work or on trips.  Our kids’ extracurricular activities increase, and they are spending more and more time out of the house.  Some family members who thought they would love having a dog around come to the realization that they really aren’t the “dog person” they thought they were.

All these are natural, “life happens” situations that just happen.  The problem is that your new dog doesn’t understand what is going on and may often act out for attention and belonging.  This acting out will often make matters worse for him and the rest of the family.

Many times, family members will try and make the relationship between their new dog and their lifestyle work.  Sometimes they can work things out, and sometimes, they can’t.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that helps explain all this and give you some “tough love” answers that will be the best for both you and your dog.  Please check out our article on “When There Isn’t Time for Your Dog” to answer all your questions.

When you don't have time for your dog

Have a Great Bike Ride

Posted by admin on February 19, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many of us love to ride our bicycles around the neighborhood.  A lot of us have been riding bikes since we were little kids.  In those days, having a bicycle and riding it to our friend’s house or to the corner store for some candy was our first experience of freedom and individual interaction.  Wow, that was great!

The problem many of us experienced when we were kids and we still experience today is that big dog on the porch around the corner that always runs after us when we pass by.  We try to peddle faster, but that doesn’t work.  We yell at the dog, but that seems to make the dog just want to run after us even more.  He chases us and tries to nip at our heels.  Sometimes we get away and sometimes we don’t.  Whatever the case, it is never fun and a problem that we just can’t fix.

Robin and I are happy to tell you that there is an easy fix to the problem of dogs chasing you on your bike.  We have come up with a great dog training routine that will allow you to pass by dogs in peace.  If, for some reason, the dog still wants to chase you, we have a great solution to letting him know that he should not.  Please check out our dog training article on Having a Great Bike Ride with Dogs in the Neighborhood.  You will be glad you did and amazed at the very simple methods we instruct you to employ. And, have a great bike ride!

Have a great bike ride with the neighborhood dogs all around

Training Tips to Understand if Your Dogs Play Too Rough

Posted by admin on February 19, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many of us have more than one dog.  Robin and I have 5 dogs and, yesterday, that almost went to 6 dogs.  With multiple dogs, dog owners often run into the problem of wondering if their dogs are just playing or if they are fighting.  They often see their dogs nipping or jumping on each other.  They will hear them barking and growling and chasing each other.

Having lived with multiple dogs for many years, Robin and I can truthfully attest that most of these actions are natural things dogs to when they play.  Dogs use their play time to not only get out all of that crazy adrenaline, but also to practice their social skills of dominance and communication.  That is when we often see them do things that we might consider “fighting”.

The trick for us (humans) is to understand if our dogs are just playing or if something went wrong and they are now fighting.  If the latter is the case, we will need to step in and defuse the situation.  Sometimes it is very difficult to tell one situation from the other.

The great news is that Robin and I have a great dog training article regarding When Dogs Play Rough that will give you some great tips to delineate “play from fight”.  Please check out our article and keep your dogs safe and correctly playful in the back yard.

Get appropriate family dog training when dogs play too rough.

Play with Your Dog to Create Good Manners

Posted by admin on February 19, 2018  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

We all love to play with our dogs.  That is one of the reasons most of us have dogs; to have a buddy to mess around with.  Well, it is really great and even wonderful exercise for both of us to have a happy and strenuous play time.  The problem that many of our clients communicate to us is that they find it really hard to “turn off the play time”.

We are told that even after a good amount of time running, jumping, and fetching outside, our clients’ dogs come inside and still want to go crazy.  Although this normally happens with Labs, Goldens, and Shepherds, it can happen with any dog.

When we are told this, we need to talk to our clients about managing their activities and to understand their general role in the relationship with their dog.  As always, it is important that they build a relationship of leadership, respect, and trust with their dog.  This creates a “leader – follower” environment that their dog understands and requires.  When they decide to play with their dog, they are temporarily stepping down from “being the boss” to “being a playmate”.

The problem that our clients are discussing is based on the fact that they are not reestablishing their “I am the boss” relationship after the playtime.  Robin and I have a great dog training article that can help you easily reestablish your leadership role at the end of playtime.  Please take a look at Play with Your Dog to Create Good Manners and have a great play time and an even better “after play time”.

family dog training


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Feeding your dog Life’s Abundance Premium Dog Food is a great step in the right direction of providing him with the bond and safety he craves and needs.  In addition, obedience and behavior training is very important in assuring that you have a great dog for life and the proper companion for the entire family.

We would like to share some of the articles we have written over the years and continue to write regarding dog safety, obedience, and behavior.  We hope you enjoy them.


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