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Prepare your dog for the plane flight

Posted by Bruce Edwards on May 29, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Taking your dog on a trip or vacation is a two edged sword.  It is always great to have out best friend with us when we travel to new and places.  If we go somewhere where we don’t know anyone, we already have a travel companion who will always want to do what we want.  The other side of the coin is that our dogs can sometimes react inappropriately to new environments, smells, sights, sounds, and distractions.

A plane ride is always a tense situation for both human and dog.  It is important that you prepare your dog as best as possible before you ever arrive at the airport.  Even though you have purchased a ticket and have done everything correctly in order to have your dog travel with you, you can still have problems.  Remember that if your dog misbehaves for any reason, the pilot can demand that you leave the plane.

vacation behavior dog training plane flight

Exercising with your dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on May 22, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

We all know that we need to build a great bond with our dog in order to have a great relationship.  As with building any bond, it just takes time and commitment.  This means time and that is something we don’t have a great deal of in this day and age.  We are pulled hundreds of ways by our family, work, friends, etc.  Where do we find the time for our “best friend”?

We are all so health conscious and we always make time for exercising and staying in shape.  Guess what?  Our dogs need exercise too!  Let’s “multi-task” and make our dog part of our exercise regimen.  This is an excellent way to keep in shape because we now have a built in “workout partner”.  On those days where we just don’t want to get up and get in that morning jug before work, guess who will nudge you to go?

build a bond and be healthy by working out with your dog

Dealing with an aggressive dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on May 16, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

The one mistake that many of us make when our dog is aggressive is to simply punish the aggression.  We all seem to forget that no dog is born aggressive.  They all start out as cute little puppies playing with each other and being protected, nurtured, and taught by their mother.

Aggression in a dog is almost always caused by a specific act or environment.  When we want to correct our dog’s aggression, we must first try and identify the cause of that aggression in order to address the action or change the environment.

dog aggression and causes

What to consider if you want a second dog

Posted by Bruce Edwards on May 08, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Robin and I first have to confess that we have seven dogs, so we are a little biased when it comes to “multiple dogs in the household”.  We have talked to many clients who have a single dog and are thinking about adding another to the family.  The first question we always ask them is “Why?”.  Are they the ones who just want to have more dogs around?  Do they think their dog is lonely and would be happier with a friend?  Is their dog old and they think another dog would help enhance their current dog’s quality of life?  Did they see a pretty dog at the Puppy Store?

There are always a multitude of reasons that our clients will supply.  No matter what their “reasoning” for another dog, we always ask them if they are prepared to give the time and financial commitment to have another dog.  They need to understand that even though their kids may “promise” to take care of the dog, they will end up feeding, walking, etc.   We try to make it clear that we aren’t trying to scare them, we are trying to make sure that their actions will be in the best interests of the additional dog.

Getting a second dog

What is your dog learning today?

Posted by Bruce Edwards on May 02, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

So many people tell us “I just don’t have time to train my dog!”  They then want to send them away to boarding school or just put up with their dog’s bad behavior.  What most dog owners don’t understand is that they are training their dogs every day.

Our dogs watch us 24/7.  They understand our routines and know where we have put everything.  They they then test us to see “what they can get away with” and how often they can get their way.  It is our response to these natural incursions by our dogs that establishes who is the leader and the human-canine dynamic.

So, we are teaching our dogs everyday through our natural actions with them.  Once we understand how we can adjust our natural actions to achieve the results that WE want, we are on the path to having a great dog.

What are you teaching your dog today

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