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When one of your dogs passes

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 22, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

Many of us have had to go through the experience of putting a dog down.  This is often a very difficult time because we keep trying to tell ourselves “I think he’s fine, let’s not think about this now…”.  Well, the time always arrives when we have to make that sad trip and say goodbye to a great companion and friend.

This is a bad time for us and we have often had time to prepare.  We also understand the process and were in control.  Now, think about the rest of our dogs back at home.  In their minds, our other dog was there and suddenly no longer.  This can be a very traumatic time for them.  Just like us, they morn.  They have to understand that they are still safe and that the world will go on, only in a slightly different way.

Whan one of your dog passes

Potty training and a dog afraid of the rain

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 16, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Pet Food

It is always so exciting when we finally get our dog potty trained to go outside in the back yard.  We open the door and out he goes.  In a few minutes, he is finished doing his duty and in he comes.  The house no longer smells of wee-wee and we don’t have to see the carpet cleaner again.

Then, we get into the rainy season.  Our dog who used to love to go outside and do his duty whenever necessary is afraid to go out the back door or step off the covered patio tiles onto the grass.  No matter what we do, he stays inside.  All of a sudden, he starts to go to the bathroom inside again because he is afraid of the rain and all the wet ground outside.  We can’t make it stop raining and we can’t make him stop needing to go potty.

We need a solution to allow our dog to go potty even though it is raining and to make sure we don’t teach him to go potty in the house again.

Teach your dog to go potty when he is afraid of the rain

Don’t Have Your Dog Keep Your Guests Away

Posted by Bruce Edwards on April 08, 2016  /   Posted in Really Good Dog Food and Training, Really Good Pet Food

Do you have friends and guests who just aren’t too excited about coming over to your house?  Do they always say “How about coming to my place” or “Let’s meet at the mall” every time you ask them to stop by?  Ever wonder why?

Could you have a slightly crazy and unruly dog that you love but might be just a little too much to handle for visitors?  This isn’t a fair situation for either your dog or your friends.  It is important to understand why this is occurring and how you can easily fix it.

Have a great dog for your house guests

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